Feature Wedding Album

Preservation of life through print. This is an important topic in photography that I am going to try to explain on my own terms…

After my Father passed away last year, I found myself going through a home of personal belongings to ‘wrap everything up’ so to speak (I don’t know how to put that eloquently). I came across a small black portfolio that had so many little personal elements from his youth; passports, work visas, employment ID tags and to my surprise a large collection of 4×4 prints from the 50′s and 60′s during his travels through Toronto, California and here in Cape Breton. Because I was in such a fragile state with his passing, finding these images of his youth absolutely floored me and left me speechless.  I had caught a glimpse into my Father’s life which I never had the  pleasure of knowing.  Needless to say, these printed images are some of my most important possessions.

Today we are image fanatics; we take pictures of everything.  All of these images are likely cloud sync’d so that you can enjoy them across all of your doohickies and gadgets. I love this technology!  It is nifty and convenient.  However a lot of our life memories exist in “Hard Drive Hell” – they are in there living as pixels in some sort of quasi real state.  The concept is simple – PRINT your images and your memories so they become real tangible things.  Pass them to your parents to sift through and enjoy.  Let your children handle all of these incredible moments instead of 1 finger swipe past them. Life is too short but luckily images are the link to the past. It is hard to put into words the RUSH of emotion, sadness, happiness and nostalgia and that happens when you look back.  Your wedding day is one of the most impacting days of your life; it deserves proper preservation for yourself and future generations.  Here is how we preserved a recent wedding with a beautiful hand crafted wedding album.  Preservation of life.

This album features a lush full grain leather cover, cameo photo cut out, date embossing and the most beautiful/durable binding.  All of my wedding photography albums are guaranteed for life.