Marissa & Jonathan

Not your typical Cape Breton wedding; this one was extraordinary. Jonathan and Marissa contacted me only a few weeks away from their wedding looking for a photographer. They were flying into Cape Breton from San Francisco to have the wedding on Jonathan's beachside property in Margaree. After having a few debates over where the wedding would be held, they settled on this location. Jonathan spent many youthful summers here in Margaree, exploring and learning how to sail with his father. Needless to say this location is an incredibly important part of their lives and the perfect place to exchange vows. This wedding would not feature the standard wedding customs or format (no bridesmaids or groomsmen, no large buffet supper, no garter tossing, so on and so forth). This wedding featured their closest family and friends who arrived in Cape Breton from all parts of the world. For many, this was a true destination wedding.

I don't think I can put into words how moved I was being a part of this ceremony. Many times the true meaning of weddings can get lost in grandiosity of it all, or many of the other traditions and restraints put on it. This was a romantic, pure, connected ceremony that had me in tears a few times.

J&M, through your ceremony you reinforced to me how incredible and magical Cape Breton Island is.