Laurette & Pat - Cheticamp Wedding


I kept waking up the night before Laurette & Pat's wedding. 1:00 am. 3:23 am. 4:00 am. 5:55 am.

The weather was absolutely terrible - super high winds native to this side of Cape Breton, thunder storms and hard rain. I was so disappointed that this incredible location was going to take the backseat to nature's crappy behaviour! Amanda tells me to not worry and that everything is going to work out 'just fine'. The whole morning teeters on heavy rain from dark clouds but randomly inspires confidence as some sun rays beat through. By the time we were out of the ceremony, the rain had completely disappeared and all that was left was rainbows and incredible light. We even had a visit from famed Meteorologist Cindy Day...I think she was responsible for this.

Thanks to Jeannette Gallant who 2nd shot and assisted with me for this wedding.

Videography: JLF Pro