Andrea & Trevor, Punta Cana Wedding

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To be a part of this wedding was an incredible blessing; the history behind it goes back quite bit... Many many moons ago, I had this crush on a cute little blonde girl in my grade 4 elementary school class. Her name was Andrea and I was never able to seal the deal. Even though I didn't 'get the girl' (at the ripe age of 9 LOL) I did get an incredible set of friends in her family. Andrea's brother Jeff and I used to rock hard in a band for a few years. I really thought music was going to be my path in life, but I wasn't able to seal the deal on that one either! Here we are years later, and I am able to be a part of Andrea's wedding by photographing it in Punta Cana. What an amazing twist of fate...I'll gladly take it.

To Andrea and Trevor, thank you for including me in your wedding week. I am seriously floored & so happy to be a part. To the MacEachern's, thank you for the kind friendship over the years. Trevor, it was an honor getting to know your family through the week.

Resort: Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

Photographer Note: These images were processed using Red Leaf Boutique's soon to be released Film Solution action set.

Check out Andrea and Trevor's day after session!