Mike & Sam - Toronto Wedding


Toronto, Ontario. I consider myself pretty lucky to have been in attendance in this wedding. Flashback about 21 years ago - I met Mike when my parents moved to a different part of town. From that moment on we spent probably every day with each other for the better part of a decade...true story! Getting to play a role and photograph his wedding day was a tremendous honour. Mike (and the MacAdams) thank you for all the years we had together. No words can express the level of gratitude and thanks I have for everything you have done for me as I grew up on Deanna Dr. Thanks for inviting me to Toronto to share this with you. Funny story about how small the world is...

One day a couple months before the wedding I get this email from Sam that reads:


Hi David,

So I get this long email from my mother and her friend saying that I should really book this certain photographer as he is amazing. I say to her we already have someone I am very happy with but thanks. They still push me to look at his work...turns out he is you!!!!!!!! lol SMALL WORLD!!!! My mom's friend is Brian and you shot his nephews wedding this past summer in Cape Breton...

Turns out I met Brian when I shot Ryan and Sue's wedding in Baddeck. It was the first time I ever met these people and I partied with Brian that night and it just so happens that he is good friends with the Bride's family? You mean to tell me that in a city of 5.5 million people, I am partying with the same guy I did that night in Cape Breton? That is a sign right? That's gotta stand for something?

Here's what went down that night in Toronto: