Call it cheesy, call it cliche, but Iceland invigorated my soul. For me it was the trip of a lifetime, one that I've wanted to do for a long time. Why put stuff like this off till 'sometime later'?.... Anyway...I didn't do much photography. There is almost TOO much photography today; cameras left and right, people stuck behind cell phone cameras, point and shoots, big digital SLR's everywhere you turn, for everything that is happening. I wanted to see it with my own eyes - not eyes with an $8000 filter over them...I took most of my gear but truth be told it sat in the car alot of the time. Instead of obsessing over pictures I took the time to connect with Amanda by hiking underneath a magnificent waterfall, staying up all night sharing stories (24 hour of sunlight in the summer), meeting locals, eating hot dogs, driving 5 hours to see Jökulsárlón, drinking the most amazing coffee in Reyjkavik, petting wild horses, swimming in hot springs on the side of the road...Im not much of a world traveller, but Iceland has made a permanent mark on me and I have an painful longing to get back... Part 2 coming soon!