Rob & Leanne


I love Rob and Leanne.  They are such an awesome, loving couple.  I had a great engagement shoot with them a year ago in a magical spot here in Cape Breton called Gooseberry Cove.  Its honestly the most beautiful little spot I have ever been to in all of Cape Breton, and its close to Louisbourg (thats all I'm gonna say!).  When they told me they wanted to do a majority of their wedding images there as well, I was ecstatic.  Rob and Leanne are very down to earth and this location was perfect.  Their wedding was very rustic and earthy, with the colors being a perfect representation of the fall.  The heart of the wedding was a full embrace of the beauty and uniqueness of Cape Breton; landscape, history and family. These are the things that I think Cape Breton has more so than any other place and Rob and Leanne celebrated that to the fullest. Thanks so much to the Louisbourg Fire Dept. for putting together such a great meal and party.  The dance floor didn't stop once all night, and that can only be attributed to Kyle Burchell of Majestic Entertainment.  If your getting married in Cape Breton and you want the best possible party, call Kyle.  The end.

WeddingDavid MacVicar