Alain & Megan


SOCIABLE! Megan and Alain threw and incredible party at the Pictou Lodge, in Pictou.  It was a beautiful mix of Maritimers and folks out West which resulted in a rockin' party.  The whole wedding day went along so great.  From the Bride and Groom preparations at the main Lodgehouses, to the intimate indoor ceremony ( due to the rain ), the great supper done by the staff at the Lodge - this wedding had it all.  It also featured a healthy dose of whacky when we set up the Whackybooth, more to come on this later! HAHAH

Alain and Megan thanks so much for allowing us to be a part of your day, and to capture it for you.  I hope you are very happy with these images and they always provide you with a solid of memory of what an amazing time you threw for everyone present.

WeddingDavid MacVicar