Christina & Brad


9 hours of road tripping and we land in a magical little place called St. Andrew's By The Sea.  This is a little town out of a fairy tale - I couldn't believe the main street; it was so small, so busy and so full of life.  I can't wait to head back!  We shot Christina and Brad's wedding in St. Andrew's at the Fairmont Algonquin.  This is the same resort that Steven King stayed at and in turn inspired him to write The Shining.  Win. I knew Christina for a few years now; she was one of the only people who would stand in front of my brand new Rebel XTi when I first started taking images.  We did so many photo shoots together and because of her I was able to get out and practise & shoot, practise & shoot, practise & shoot.  Thank you Christina, you were the biggest help for me when I first started and I will never forget that.  Brad your pretty awesome too! LOL

This very first video clip is my first wedding related video since I started my business and was shot by the very talented Sean McGrath out of Saint John.  Sean is a very talented web developer, photographer, musician and friend.  He is also working on my brand new website which should go live any day now.  Thanks Sean, coming down to St. Andrew's with us and filming this means so much to me; I appreciate your time and your talents.  Visit Sean online at

*If the video is showing blank, just press reload in your browser please :)

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