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Wedding Photographer

 20151016-0605-IMG-8140. Image by Sean McGrath (http://www.seanmcgrath.ca).

I didn’t pick up a camera until I was 25 years old. I had some experience in the digital side of things previous to this (photoshop, graphic design, etc.) but did not pick up a camera until I was 25. However, when I did my whole world changed. I did my first wedding for a small fare for starting out, but I was immediately blown away by the moments and flashes in time I was experiencing with these strangers! They had opened up and let me in on something so private, so sacred and so personal and I was responsible for documenting it all.

 20151017-0723-IMG-8410. Image by Sean McGrath (http://www.seanmcgrath.ca).

My Philosophy

It’s the overall wedding story that pushes me forward – its the only way I can ‘see’ a wedding and its incredibly rewarding. Each one provides me with a whole new chance to feel this surge over and over; this is my drive to create unique, authentic and honest images that make a statement. Every single couple, every single wedding is totally different in feeling, personality, traditions and I capture it in style. One of the best compliments I have received on my work was that it is so incredibly varied, with each image ‘looking totally different than the last’.

So far I have been blessed to work with so many beautiful couples from all over the country! I have been invited to weddings all over the maritimes and abroad; at home in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick and across the country in Ontario. I have also covered weddings in the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Jamaica and Mexico.

Some random facts about me

1.  I am a Dad to the most amazing boys, Benjamin & Joshua
2. My favorite place in the world so far...is Iceland!
3. I couldn't do any of this without my beautiful lady, Amanda
4. I have two beautiful Abyssinian cats named Luku & Tom Sawyer
5. I am a huge fan of the sport of squash and cycling


Some words to describe David: amazing, incredibly talented, hilarious, awesome. He has something about him that just made us feel both so comfortable. We really are blown away by our photos and seriously, we can’t thank you enough!!

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